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I discovered this particular IE-specific "expression" code in one of Rimmer's posts a while back. Although I've been using it for while already here at Illusia, I'm just now getting around to posting it here. Sorry for the delay!

Now you can restrict avatar sizes and images in people's posts and signatures without distorting the dimensions, and it works in all 4 browsers that I tried it in, including IE. Oh happy day! emoticon

First, in your board's miscellaneous options, where it says "Use the Resize user avatars (personal icons) feature:", un-check that box. Then, put one or all of the following into your custom CSS...

For avatars:

.ak_msg_post_table img {
  width: expression(this.width > 100 ? 100: true);
  height: expression(this.height > 200 ? 200: true);

Change all the 100's to whatever width you want to restrict avatars to, and all 200's to the height you want to restrict avatars to. If you only want to restrict the width but not the height, you can delete this part:

height: expression(this.height > 200 ? 200: true);

For posts and signatures:

.postlistpostbody img {
  width: expression(this.width > 500 ? 500: true);
  height: expression(this.height > 300 ? 300: true);

Follow the same directions to alter this as you would to alter avatar restrictions.

For just the signature, use .ak_msg_post_signature_block instead of .postlistpostbody img.

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