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Ideas without a home

This is just a couple of ideas I had... I really don't know if they are possible because I have not looked or tried to do them yet...

1. Side by side: This idea would place the Posticon and smiley box side by side so the area you enter the messages in could be much wider and the bbcode buttons would have the potential of being on the same line.

2. Completely remake the Boardstats table with CSS so it would be a box shape that could fit into a sidebar.

3. Completely remake the Who's Online, miscopttable, and admin/mod areas with the CSS so they could also fit into a sidebar.

4. Can I get that calendar code you are using here to go with number 2 and 3 above?

sorry for the edit... I messed up on my spelling

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Re: Ideas without a home

#1-3 and then some should be easy in the future, if Thor and I do what we've talked about. Whether they're possible right now I'm not sure, but I could try a couple of things and get back to you on it.

#4, certainly. I'll zip it and email it to you. emoticon

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