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New CSS tool

This looks like it will liven up a lot of web pages.

Looks like they have a prototype available. I think it's free.

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Re: New CSS tool

Thanks for that, Skokey. emoticon

It would take a few years for some people to update their browsers like it always does, but it would be great if something like that became a standard. I have actually used several blank divs over an image to float text around it, but adding so much markup to create that effect goes against good coding practices and can be downright messy.

My thoughts on this in the past were that it would be good to be able to create a block-level element that isn't limited to a rectangular shape, where you can define a sequence of coordinates in CSS, to act like a dot-to-dot. Maybe I should have submitted a proposal to the W3C several years ago when I first had the idea. emoticon

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