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Registered: 06-2005
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Help with my Blog

Is anybody here good at Tumblr coding? I'm trying to move the tracker map at the top of my blog to the bottom of the page, so that the top will be less cluttered. How do I do that?

My Blog HERE

My Blog
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12/5/2011, 4:37 pm Link to this post PM Dorotea AIM Yahoo Read Blog
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Re: tumblr

It's good to see you, Dorotea, and a strange coincidence that you're asking about tumblr. I've never used tumblr and am not familiar with its inner workings, but someone was asking me just a few days ago here how to re-locate some buttons that they stick on every page. Is the tracker map the same thing as those buttons?

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12/5/2011, 9:00 pm Link to this post PM Lesigner Girl Read Blog

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