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posticon INDEX of HELP TOPICS (updated Aug 5, 2007)

Here are links to topics in this forum that answer many questions asked by Runboard administrators. If you find a topic that addresses your question but you still need help after reading it, please ask your question in a reply on that thread to prevent multiple redundant topics.

If this thread doesn't contain a link to the answer you seek, please use the search box at the bottom of this board to see if it has been answered here.

If, after reading this post and using the search function, you still don't find the answer to your question, then please start a new topic in this forum, and use a descriptive subject line so others with the same question will be able to find what they're looking for.

The following listed topics are separated under the following headings:

• General information
• Elements that appear on all pages
• Main board page
• Forum and thread pages
• Posting/Reply screens
• 3rd Party add-ons

* * *

General information:

Non-design advice for new admins
Before you open your first message board to the public, I think you should read and seriously consider this advice.

How you tell the difference between HTML and CSS, and where you can use each.

My CSS doesn't work!
If your CSS definitions aren't working, follow the steps in this troubleshooting guide.

Layout / Colors Explained with Screen Grabs
This comprehensive guide will tell you where different aspects of your board are defined in the layout/colors section of your board's control panel.

Runboard CSS Class Charts
If you want to customize something that isn't covered in the layout/colors section of your board's control panel, you will need to use CSS. This guide will tell you what CSS classes are used for the different sections of your board.

Clean up that CSS with shorthand
border:1px solid #000; does the same thing as border-width:1px; border-style:solid; border-color:#000000; so why waste so much space, storage, and page loading time doing it the long way?

CSS practice page
Play around with CSS here to get comfortable with it, without the risk of screwing up your board.

Tableless sidebar layout
A more in-depth tutorial than my old topic, this new one teaches how to use CSS instead of tables for layout. Includes directions on how to style the contents inside the sidebar as well. For two sidebars, see my old topic, CSS Table-less Layouts.

Stop using HTML for style
HTML is for content. CSS is for style. Period. This tutorial offers examples to show how to get rid of your old, obsolete HTML styling tags and replace them with something that's much more efficient, easier to read, and won't stop working within two years' time like the old way might.

What affects image file size?
A lot of large graphics can slow down the loading of your board immensely. Here is a guide to tell you how to keep those image file sizes in check.

Total Validator
Validate your code with this Firefox add-on.

* * *

Elements that appear on all pages:

Fixed (stationary) menu/sidebar codes
Scroll the page without moving your menu out of view.

Quick login box/logout link
Let visitors log in directly from your board. Login box is invisible to logged in users, and logout link is invisible to people who are not logged in.

Vertical Marquee fix for Firefox
Because <marquee> is deprecated (obsolete) code, Firefox doesn't bother to render height the way you might intend to display it. By hiding the overflow, you can prevent your marquee from overlapping the elements below it, while making it the exact height you want it to be.

Image maps
Use one image for several different links.

* * *

Main board page:

Icons next to forum names

* * *

Forum and thread pages:

Control the size of signatures at your board
Don't let huge signatures mess up your layout.

Max-sized avatars and other images
Restrict the dimensions of avatars and posted images at your board without distorting them.

Different styles for different forums
If you want one forum to look different than all your other forums, or if you want all your forums to each have its own look, then check out this topic.

Rollover effect for new topic and reply buttons
Get the image rollover effect for links without the need for javascript.

Customize your Moderation Options dropbox
Tired of that boring default drop box? Give yourself and your moderators something more interesting to look at.

* * *

Posting/Reply screens:

Make clickable smiley box smaller
Scrolling clickable smiley box, organizing smileys, and simply restricting the box's width.

* * *

3rd Party add ons:

Freefind Search for your board (a 3rd party service)
Add a search engine to your board like the one here.

* * * * *

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