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FAQ: Make clickable smiley box smaller.

The original thread where these ideas were first posted is here, but I created this new thread to keep all the ideas in one place.


Method 1: Scrolling smiley box

For this to work correctly, the "grid" should be enabled on your smiley box. This is the default setting when a board is created, so if you never took the grid away, this part is already taken care of.

Custom Language Set:

Paste this code into the box labeled msgform_clickable_smilies

</td></tr></table><div class="smileybox"><div class="smileyhead">Clickable smilies</div><div class="smileytable"><table class="new_smiley_box_h" cellspacing="0"><tr class="goaway"><td>

Custom CSS:

.smileybox { position:relative; }
.smileyhead { width:200px; font:bold 13px verdana; }
.smileytable { width: 200px; height:250px; overflow:auto; }
.new_smiley_box_h { border-collapse:collapse;padding:0;margin-top:-1px; }
.goaway { display:none; }

Change width and height to suit your board, but keep both widths the same (here, they are both 200px wide).


Method 2: Organize your smilies

Click on this link to see how this is done.

This can be very time-consuming if you have 100 smileys, but if your smileys are several different widths, then it can help tidy up your smiley box immensely.

This method also applies mostly to smileys that are in a grid, although it can work without the grid as well.


Method 3: Get rid of the grid and set the smiley box width via CSS

This one was suggested by Moose:

.msgform_clickable_smiley_box_h{width: 100px; }

Change the 100px to a width that fits your particular board. Note: This method can help only if the "grid" for your smiley box is disabled. If that is enabled, you should try the other two methods of containing the size of your clickable smileys box.

In your board's control panel, go to Set misc options. The 5th option should say "Use the clickable smilies grid feature:" Uncheck that box to disable the grid.


You can use methods 1 and 2 together or 2 and 3 together, but using 1 and 3 together probably won't work.

If you have questions about any of these methods for minimizing the size of your clickable smiley box, ask in a reply to this thread. emoticon

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