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posticon Guidelines for the Design forum

After reading these guidelines, please see
the Index of popular design help topics. emoticon

Specific rules for this Design forum:

The following rules are designed to (1) keep the forum organized, and (2) prevent having to answer the same questions over and over again...

Before posting a question, please search for the answer. If you can't find an answer, but the question has been asked, please follow that topic, and consider subscribing to it for notifications of replies.

If you find a related thread that has been answered but you need a more detailed answer, feel free to ask your question in a reply to that thread.

Do not take a thread off-topic. I reserve the right to delete replies that have nothing to do with the topic of a thread, so other people needing help won't have to weed through a lot of extranneous posts.

When starting a new thread, use a descriptive subject line. DO NOT name your thread "HEEEELLLLPPPP!!!" or "Help with something." This is so others looking for help with the same issue can more quickly and easily find it if it has already been asked and/or answered, and to help prevent them from asking a question that has already been addressed here.

If you don't give your thread a proper title, I reserve the right to edit it for clarity.

NO SPAM! Do not come in here with posts asking, "What do you think of my board?" Whether you are trying to spam or simply to get honest critiqing, this is not the forum for it. In the future, I may open a new forum for the purpose of critiquing and maybe one for advertising, and if there is enough interest, Runboard design contests.


These rules are not designed to intimidate you, and are only intended to help people in the most efficient way possible. If you mess up, I promise not to flog you unless you ask me to. emoticon

Last revised by Lesigner Girl, 7/25/2007, 12:37 am

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