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posticon Temple of Illusia TOS

Welcome to Illusia! Please read the following before posting anything at this board. Also, some of these forums have their own rules, so please read the rules of each forum before you post in there.

The following applies to the entire Illusia board overall. Before posting in this Help & FAQ forum, please also read the rules of the Help & FAQ forum, which are listed in a separate thread.

Runboards Terms of Service

If you haven't already, please read Runboard's Terms of Service before posting here, most specifically section #4, labeled "Content".

Section 4, Paragraph 3 states:

You agree not to use this Service for posting of Copyright, Pornographic, Illegal or Data Protected Content or use of the Service in the activity of unreasonable use, including but not limited to "SPAM". You also agree to abide by any applicable local, state, national or international laws. The Content posted by you should also not infringe on the rights of any third party, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, privacy or publicity rights.

Posting Images

Per Runboard's Terms of Service and rules of common decency, the following will not be allowed:

Posting copyrighted images without the copyright owner's permission. Copyright of any given image is automatically owned by the person who created it, whether they register that copyright or not. If you see an image that you want to use on a website, you need to read their Terms of Use to see if using their images is allowed. If their Terms of Use don't mention images or there is no section on their website that explain their Terms of Use, then you should find their email address through a Contact or other link and email them to ask permission.

Hotlinking images directly from someone else's site without their permission. Every time an image is downloaded from the internet for viewing, it is using bandwidth on that website owner's account. For those who pay for their account, using their bandwidth can cost them money. For those with free website accounts, you may cause their site to go down until their monthly, weekly, or daily bandwidth is reset, which could mean a couple of weeks if it is monthly, or could mean that their site goes down for hours every day if their bandwidth is refreshed daily.

Some webmasters allow others to hotlink images directly from their website (and it would say so in their Terms of Use), but you can never be absolutely sure that they won't replace that image later, with one that violates the Runboard's Terms of Service. To be absolutely safe, you should always upload images to your own storage account and hotlink them from there. Since there are good free hosts out there that are easy to use, there is no excuse for not using them.

Free Image Hosts:

Always treat others with respect.*

It is ok to disagree with someone. In fact, disagreements can be quite interesting and lead people to do some serious thinking. But no matter how much you may disagree with someone, try to see their point of view, and always treat them with respect.

If someone is being an asshole, resist the urge to argue with them. Either they really are clueless and are to be pitied rather than ridiculed, or they are looking for a fight. If they are looking for a fight and someone gives it to them, then they are only getting exactly what they wanted.

Instead of arguing with a troublemaker, report the offensive post(s) to me so I can deal with them privately, even if you are not involved and only witness such posts. I will never reveal the identity of the person who reported them unless you allow it, so you have no reason to fear any possible repercussions.

That pretty much covers general board policy. Before you post, please remember to also read the rules of the individual forum(s) in which you will be posting.

By posting at Temple of Illusia, you acknowledge that you agree to adhere to everything stated in this post.

* If you post here and do not abide by these terms, you cease to be protected by the "Always treat others with respect" clause in this post, and anyone can feel free to follow my lead in whatever I deem to be the appropriate punishment. emoticon

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