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found this site and nuts about this look

Really is not related to message boards but rather a website page. I absolutely am mesmerized by this site
and this site knocks my socks off!!! lol

Where would I learn to do this? take it ...its flash..and never have done anything that has flash.
Could copy html or whatever code is` from this site just to get bearings... without copyin it...but have an idea that I would be lost.
Its got me know hooked and wanting this look of a bar and stage...yet do not have bucks to have someone custom make me one...I would love to know how.
Thought you all might know something



pink flamingos
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Re: found this site and nuts about this look

I'm not going to wait for that site to load, but I can refer you to SWiSH, which you can download for a 15-day free trial period, after which you can purchase a key if you wish to continue using it.

My version of SWiSH (v2) was discontinued in June 2005 and I've never used Max, so you'll have to find tutorials on it elsewhere. But I'm sure Max will generate the html you need to put finished flash up on your site, just as any other flash making program will.

Wow, I just looked at the price and it's $99.95 to use it past the trial period. SWiSH2 was only $20. If $99.95 is too steep for your budget, you might want to try searching Google for flash maker or flash making program.

Good luck! emoticon

Edit to add: I moved this thread to this forum because it isn't Runboard-specific.

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