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posticon Speed up your computer with more RAM!

I just installed additional RAM (Random Access Memory) today. Now folders open instantly, the GIMP only takes about 10 seconds or less to load when it used to take more like a minute, and all my other applications load in a fraction of the time they used to as well! Even the "start" menu used to take a few seconds to load sometimes, but now BOOM! Every time, there it is, the instant I click on it! Somehow I get the feeling my system won't be freezing up anymore, either. emoticon

I always suspected the limited RAM of being my problem all this time, but I never knew what to get, and didn't feel like going through the hassle of dealing with it at the time. But while finally trying to figure it out recently, I ran across a recommendation for Crucial....

USA | Shipping info
UK | Elsewhere in Europe, Middle East, or Africa
International shipping info

Note: Crucial Technology is prohibited by law to ship to:
Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Syria.

Crucial has two ways on their site that tell you exactly what you can buy for your specific computer. You can either download their tool, or select your computer from their menus. I used the menus after Googling to find out which company makes my brand of computer, then looking under start > control panel > system for my system information.

From the list they give you, you just choose one and head for the checkout. Mine took 4 weekdays to arrive (6 days including the weekend), but I chose the free shipping option. Hint: They ship it UPS in the USA and someone has to sign for it, so if you're not home from 9-5, you might want to have them deliver it to your workplace.

Before ordering, make sure you read their recommendations, including the maximum amount of RAM you can install on your particular computer. It also doesn't hurt to learn the difference between SRAM, DRAM, and all the other types of RAM, and they even tell you in their FAQ. But I just chose Crucial's top recommendation for my system, and I am completely satisfied with it so far. emoticon

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