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Don't open (virus alert)

I was pretty suspicious when I saw this email today, wondering how got my email address and why they would send me an email about Internet Explorer 7.0 Beta.

Subject: Internet Explorer 7.0 Beta
Sent:      May 06 '07 08:01
Size:      5.83 KB

So I Googled it and found this (emphasis mine):

Trojan Masquerades as IE7 Beta

A new Trojan hit inboxes this morning, masquerading as an update to Internet Explorer. The email arrives with a spoofed From address of either '' or ''. Subject line is 'Internet Explorer 7.0 Beta'. The message body is a graphic linked to a file on a remote website. If downloaded and run, that file attempts to download additional malicious software. Some antivirus vendors are tagging it as a trojan downloader (Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Agent.bjo), others as a file infector (W32/Grum-B). As with most threats today, it also appears to have rootkit capabilities.

Saturday May 5, 2007

I don't know how to embed code into images, but anyone who knows how to write an email script can spoof a "From" address (including me). The bottom line is, question everything.

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