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HP Product Assistant?

Now I'm back to using a shared PC, because I (unintentionally) killed all my laptops. This HP Product Assistant thing kept coming up, and it got really annoying (PC, not laptops). We ended up getting rid of a whole bunch of "junkware," as I call it. Now, every time I log on to my own account on this computer, I get that HP Product Assistant thing at least twice after I'm on, and ever since the problem started, it just pops up at random. It used to do it on my mother's account too, but now it just does it on mine. It is bugging me to death. What is this thing, and what can I do, if anything, to stop it from just popping up and popping up, at the most inconvenient times?

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Re: HP Product Assistant?

Hi cfm,

Try doing what it says here and see if that helps.

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