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Laptop volume too low?

A few days ago, and for no apparent reason, the volume on my laptop suddenly became too quiet to hear anything clearly. Although I prefer using external speakers or ear buds for the sound quality when I watch videos, it was a pain to have to do that just to watch a 30-second video. I finally decided to Google it, and ran across the solution at a poker forum.

My laptop runs Windows7. This may or may not work on other versions of Windows.

Right-click on the speaker icon. If this icon is missing, see this topic. What's up with Windows sound setting problems, anyway? emoticon

Click on "Playback devices."

Click on your speakers. This will be the one with the green checkmark next to it.

Choose Properties.

Go to the "Enhancements" tab.

Tick the box next to "Loudness Equalization."

Click "OK."

Click "OK" again.

Now you should be all set. It worked for me. emoticon

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