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Bluetooth stopped working after Windows 8.1 upgrade? Possible solutions here.

If you upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, you will probably need to update your Bluetooth driver after your 8.1 upgrade.

First, double-check your Bluetooth settings. There's one in there where you you need to check a box to make your computer discoverable by Bluetooth devices in order to pair something, but you can un-check it for security reasons after you've paired it, and only need to have it checked when you're trying to pair something.


Next, you can try to right-click on your Bluetooth driver in Device Manager and tell it to search the web for an update. I did have a yellow rectangle next to my Bluetooth audio device at some point, so it can't hurt to check whatever applies to your device, too.


It may or may not install an update, but if it does update, reboot your computer. If Bluetooth still doesn't work, go to the website of your computer's manufacturer, and download the Bluetooth driver for Windows 8.1. Make sure you choose the driver for Windows 8.1, and not just for 8, because the one for Windows 8 probably won't work. It wouldn't for my computer, which is why I had to update the driver in the first place.

After you update the driver, reboot your machine. If it still doesn't work, try these other steps...

Press the Windows key to launch the Start screen.
Type Services.msc and press Enter.
Right click on "Bluetooth support service" and click on "Properties".
Set the Startup type as "Automatic".
Click on the "Log On" tab, choose "This account" and type in Local Service.
Remove the password from both fields.
Click on "OK".
Click "Restart in the left sidebar.
Click on "OK".

See if your Bluetooth works. If not, continue...

Press the Windows key to launch the Start screen.
Type in Troubleshooting, then click on "Troubleshooting".
In the new window, click "View all" in the left sidebar.
In the list of options, click on "Hardware and devices".
Click "Next" and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you need some elaboration on any of these steps, please reply to this topic. If this works or doesn't work, I would love to hear your feedback here, too.

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