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I found another writing board and came across this thread. What do you think of the IRC chatrooms as compared to MSN, Yahoo, Sigma, etc? I was just wondering, should my forum ever get a nice group of members, which chatroom would be the best of all to use. I have my MSN group chat at the moment, but I know some people don't trust MSN at all and will not join under any circumstances.


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Re: Chatrooms

Judging by some of the posts in that thread, I wonder if some people might find it too confusing.

Shoutboxes seem to be pretty popular among Runboard users.  A thread at Runboard Extra lists and, and says there are a lot of other shoutboxes out on the web you could use.

We could make this into a chatroom review thread. emoticon

For anyone reading this:

1) What chat providers have you used?

2) Did you set them up or just participate?

3) Which ones do you like the most?

4) Which ones do you like the least?

5) What are your favorite and least favorite aspects of each?

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